Fantastic News!!! The Portfolio Show I presented in last week was a success!

At first, I was freaking out during set up because we actually had more space than what we were told, and my idea was designed for the original specifications. Setting up, I was also by myself for the first couple hours until two of my friends happened to be there and help. Yay!

We built the backdrop, which trust me, when you are stressed and can't think straight, it's more complicated than it looks! haha but we did it :)

During the show, I became completely relaxed. I got so many compliments on my illustrations and outfit. One woman I will never forget stopped by my booth without saying a word. She watched the people and looked through my portfolio very regal-like. Right before she walked away, she gave me a smile and said "You're going to be VERY successful" in a clear and kind voice. For some reason, that moment felt like time slowed down and I couldn't hear anything but her words.

I am absolutely ecstatic with the turnout of my presentation. In fact, so many people wanted to buy my illustrations, so I've started an Etsy Shop. Check it out! I'm doing custom illustrations of fashionistas like you.

These are some examples of illustrations I've done for Instagrammers

 You can also find my portolio at
 Short Sneak Preview

I'm so sorry I've been M.I.A. Been working on my presentation for this quarters' Porfolio Show!! woot woot!

This show happens four times a year, and now it's my turn to shine! Along with the other dozens of students presenting this season, I will have a personally designed booth and well-crafted professional portfolio to show my experience and style.

If you're in the area Thursday, September 24th, come by and say hello! There will be other creative fashion designers, photographers, filmographers, graphic designers, web designers, and tons more. You'll get to meet people with various styles, possibly find artists to collaborate with, and enjoy free food made by the culinary department (I think lol I'm not sure if it's food or snacks, but still. It's food)!

Come on over, YOU'RE INVITED! Open to Public

Have you ever heard of or seen online schools, unlike traditional colleges and universities? Have you ever heard of or seen one specifically for fashion?

Are you a fashion addict? Do you love to draw or style, and read fashion blogs/magazines/etc? Do you know how to sew or would you like to learn to make your own clothes? or sell your designs and run your own business?

Are you screaming in your head "YES I LOVE FASHION! NOW TELL ME ABOUT THE SCHOOL!"

Well here it is.

I'm a fashion designer that went through college for my Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion. While still in school, I found my calling to launch a fashion label that would raise funds for animal rights projects. Since the school only taught me to be a designer, and not a business person, I had to learn about business on my own. That is the answer to the first question above-I came across an online school called Coursera, which offers free courses on various topics, such as business, science, music, math, etc. It's a fantastic platform I highly recommend.

During the past few years, people have been asking me to tutor and teach them some of the things they've seen me do. That made me consider pursuing a teaching degree. Then an idea sparked!

What if I start a Youtube Channel? Or better yet, start an actual fashion online school with organized courses from introductory lessons to advanced topics, just like a college plan. The great thing about Youtube and Google is that you can learn anything you want online. The downside is that if you are just starting to learn about something, you don't know what you need to learn and in what order.

That is where my idea comes in!

With the collaboration of 7 of my fashion friends and classmates, we are launching an Online Fashion School just for you! Each one of us is applying our talents into specific topics: 

Fashion Illustration
Computer Design
Costume & Industry

Here is why this school will be perfect for you:
  • Each topic will consist of over a hundred 4-10 minute videos in order of basics to advanced knowledge.
  • You'll get to ask questions and share what you learn.
  • Networking is top priority in the fashion industry, and you'll get exactly that by communicating with us and the other students from around the world. 
  • Learn at your own pace and go back to lessons as many times as you want.
  • Become a designer AND business person
  • Focus on only the topics you need to improve on or study all of them from beginning to end.
  • Save yourself from the thousands of dollars in student loans.
  • Choose from multiple price plans.

Follow us on Instagram @fashionacademynet to stay updated on the school launch!

Have you ever surprised your loved ones with a party or some type of special celebration? If you have, I bet you had a huge headache but also an exciting experience! This blog post is dedicated to my parents 25th Anniversary, planned and hosted by my sisters and I.

For this wonderful day August 15th, my sisters and I came up with ideas on things we could do, eat, and how we could give our parents a memory they'll LOVE forever. We searched Groupon deals and made a list with links, then chose the best options.

Then we created an Excel sheet with the headings: 
Sourced From
Estimated Cost
Actual Cost
Check box
Buyer (as in who was designated to pay for each item)

In that list, we included the food, the outfits, decorations, transportation, gifts, etc. This list made planning a whole lot easier.

Recommendation: Make sure to have room between activities for unplanned chaos. (True story! Before picking up our mom from the airport, my sister locked the car keys in the trunk, and we had to find a locksmith to open it. Luckily, there was a 2 hour slot for getting stuff in the car and picking up mom, so that our parents arrived only 10 minutes late to their scheduled massage.)

YUP, we got our parents a couples massage! They loved it. That gave my sisters and I time to decorate our family picnic and pick up the food. We also got them Uber drivers to take and bring them from the massage to the picnic, so that dad didn't have to stress over driving in LA (he hates that traffic! haha).

Our celebration picnic was at Vista Hermosa Natural Park in Los Angeles. Beautiful spot that overlooks the whole city, yet is excluded from noise and is not crowded at all.

For decorations, we used 6 yards of glittery silver tulle fabric from downtown LA (if you'd like to do this, I'd recommend using 12 yards for a more draped effect on the trees), lots of silver garlands and streamers, and big white bows. For food, we ordered vegan/vegetarian thai food that EVERYONE absolutely loved and got stuffed. We also had fruit, lemonade and pineapple juice, and a homemade chocolate cake.


After eating, we did a mini ceremony with our parents putting on 25th Anniversary silver rings, and my sisters surprised all of us by smashing confetti filled cones on our parents heads! hahaha


To end this beautiful sunny day, we played some darts. A relaxing activity after a day of running around preparing and then stuffing our faces with food till we couldn't move.

This 25th Anniversary wasn't anything grand and fancy, but it was a superbly fun day planned with love. Everyone had a great time and will now cherish this memory forever.

To finish my blog post, I just want to say Thank you to my parents for being an amazing example of family, love, and making every little moment the most special of all.

Ever since I became vegan over 3 years ago, I've learned about TONS of new ingredients and foods I had never heard of before. It makes eating so much more fun than it used to be. Before, I would just eat. Now, I have parties in my mouth!

I've decided to start breaking down lists you might find on health foods, and write about a few at a time so that you remember them.

Let's start with Flax and Chia seeds!

Flaxseed can be found in packages such as these:

Health Benefits include: 
Balancing hormones
Stabilizing blood sugar levels
Regulating cholesterol levels
High in protein, fiber, and omega-3's
and you can read more medical data HERE

Uses include:
Shakes and smoothies
Cereal and Oatmeal
Alternative to eggs (click the picture below to see how!)
Also, check out 10 Tasty Ways to Eat Flaxseeds

Chia Seed is found in stores like this:

Health benefits include:
Strong bones
Age-defying antioxidants
Lowering cholesterol
Weight loss
Improves memory, mood, and energy
Improves skin, hair and nails 
3-5x more calcium than milk
and you can read more medical data HERE

Uses include:
Shakes and smoothies
Energy Bars
Cereal and Oatmeal
Alternative to eggs
Check out these 14 Creative (and Delicious!) Chia Seed Recipes to try

So there you have it! Two amazing and simple ways to eat healthier. If you use these on any recipes, I'd LOVE to see

 It's my birthday month! Who doesn't love to be pampered for their birthday? A little fun doesn't hurt anybody. Whether that be going out to a bar, dressing up for a picnic, going to the movies, or getting lots of chocolate from all your friends and indulging (I would love that last one!). This year, I put together a shoot with five outfits and themes to reflect my personality, shot by Michael Obando.

Our first set, released on my birthday June 3rd, reflects the young kid I am and will always be. Just like my mom :) Makes life more exciting!

2015 has been an exciting year so far, and so is my birthday month. Yesterday, I had Couture class during the day and went home to prepare for a small gathering with friends. My sister and I made avocado pasta, pumpkin pie, crepes, and sandwiches. My friends started coming over and we reminisced about our childhood, talked about projects, drank some wine and picked a movie, Pitch Perfect 2. Such a great day!! Heartwarming and relaxing. 

This Friday, my sister got us tickets to a rave in LA. Next Thursday, we're going to an event at The Edison club. Fathers Day, our family is taking us to a fancy dinner on a boat. and throughout the month, I'll be going out to lunch and drinks with friends.

I thank everyone I'm spending time with for making me feel special! and most of all, my handsome talented man -that makes every moment fun- for this wonderful five-set shoot and a romantic night out with delicious Thai food. <3 br="">

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Enjoy all these sets! Which one is your favorite? :)

 So glad I found this park online, Vista Hermosa Natural Park, because it was perfect for my classy modernist side. It is on a mountain that overlooks the entire beauty of our city of LA.

 In this second set, I'm wearing a green vintage dress that I altered to fit my body, have an asymmetrical hem, and no sleeves. One of my new favorite dresses!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This third set is the most symbolic of all of them. I'm wearing a plain black ensemble to take advantage of shapes in high contrast. Each photo has different graphic designs that tell stories or symbolize various aspects of myself and my life. My love of animals, courage and love, my Mexican heritage, and more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In this fourth set, I'm wearing a handmade velvet leotard made from a thrifted floor-length dress, shoulder-pad lace sleeves cut off a thrifted blouse, and a green tulle skirt using fabric my mom found.

I'm expressing the mysterious and quirky side of me, and my love of cats! MEOW

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For this last set, I'm wearing a thrifted blue and white striped blouse, high-waist shorts from when I started college, and a corset style bodice I made with scrap materials. 

Can you see my bold personality being expressed? Of course, I'm not one without them all, so you'll probably get my creative and weird sides as well :)

Photography by: Michael Obando

Styling/Hair/Makeup by Me
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